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Extra services

Who can live without WIFI? Nobody. This is why our apartments have a high-speed connection and free of charge.


International TV programmes.


At Lugaris, your television is connected to the world, to your channels and your information and entertainment.


Exactly! You don’t need to take your own towels. Here you will have your own, perfectly clean.


The cultural and sporting offer in Barcelona is broad and intense. If you are looking for tickets, let us know and we will get them for you.


A perfect place to not only enjoy the sun, but the stars too.


The rule is the following: if you can’t reach it from the sofa, then you don’t really need it.


You can stay calm and go out calmly. A private security company will be protecting your apartment day and night.


No matter if you need to dry your hair or use it as a microphone while you are getting ready, this is the perfect appliance.


Make sure your return is triumphal by ordering one of our curated souvenirs and gifts.


To be informed, solve problems, get help, suggest… Our reception is there for everything you need.


Don’t change your habits. If you like, you can have your daily press delivered to your apartment every morning. Just like home


Have an important meeting? Going on a night out? Look perfect and forget about your clothes getting wrinkled in your suitcase.


Our apartments may seem wonderful to you, but our swimming pool will transport you to paradise.


Forget about driving around for hours. Book your parking space with direct lift access.


Saved! Our pack includes all those small things that make your stay easy, comfortable and extra clean.


The best equipped kitchen! Keep your drinks cold and prepare ice for your summer cocktails.


Popcorn and a film? An easy meal before heading to the beach? Great uses for great moments.


Long meals, never-ending conversations… how many issues have been dealt with around a table?


Shining. Spick and span. Perfect. Every week, our cleaning team will leave your apartment exactly how you first found it.


Need an extra cleaning? Or two? Or three? Let us know. Your wishes are our commands when it comes to cleaning.


Does sofa and movie sound like the perfect holiday plan? At Lugaris you will feel as comfortable as you would at home.


For many, this is the best invention of the XXth century. Do you agree? Washing dishes and holidays don’t go together.


There is no need to go back home with dirty clothes. Save up space and keep your clothes clean during your whole stay.


Do you prefer tea over coffee? No problem! We also have the perfect kettle for your breakfast.


If you are one of those people that cannot live without a kitchen (even when on holidays) at Lugaris you will feel as if you were in your own kitchen.


Although your baby is an angel he or she does not sleep on clouds. So if you need a crib, you only need to ask for one.


Get to your apartment and find the fridge full of everything you feel like eating. You create the list, we will do your grocery shopping for you.


Kitchen utensils, dishes, glasses, cutlery and wine glasses.


Leave your kids in good hands. We have trustworthy babysitters with more charm than Mary Poppins available for you.


Every person has his or her own tastes when it comes to coffee. Choose your desired Nespresso flavour at reception: Roma, Voluto, Ristretto or Livanto.


If you visit us as a couple you will have plenty of space to sleep. But if you come alone you will be able to sleep diagonally.


All apartments have a safe. Because to feel comfortable it’s important to feel safe.


Your adorable apartment includes a Nespresso machine. Because those who love good things also adore good coffee.


At home there is no shortage of your favourite drinks. If you like, your apartment can have them too. Another Lugaris detail.


With so many things to see in Barcelona, you will surely be walking a lot. When you get home, you will be able to rest completely.


Don’t want to go home empty handed? We will choose the best gifts to take home.


Need to upgrade your glamor and a taxi isn’t enough? How about a luxurious limo? Let us know and we’ll organize everything for you.


We don’t have a gym, but we challenge you to walk up the stairs with your shopping bags.


No matter if it’s summer of Winter, at our apartments you will always be able to choose the perfect temperature.


Don’t wear out the soles of your shoes. Rent a bike and move around Barcelona like locals.

45-57 m²

Surface area 45-57 m²,
1 kitchenette,
1 living/dining-room,
1 room with 1 double bed,
1 bathroom
with bath or shower


Although our apartments in Barcelona are very close to the sea – the Lugaris Beach building is only 200 m from Bogatell beach, and Lugaris Rambla, just 300 m away – you will not need to go outside to enjoy a relaxing swim outdoors. And, in addition, you will be able to contemplate a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

To enjoy the pool, you only have to book any of the apartments on the Lugaris Beach complex. On the terrace of this modern building, there are two swimming pools waiting for you – one pool for children and another one for adults – with solarium, wooden floors and bathrooms, so you can cool off for as long as you want, without having to pay attention to time. And of course, at no extra cost.

If you feel like resting, we have the perfect plan for you: put on the bathing suit, take your towel and a good book and give yourself a morning or afternoon of disconnection in your swimming pool at Lugaris Beach.

Tip: have your mobile phone or camera on hand, as you will not be able to resist photographing the extraordinary sea views that you will have the opportunity to admire. And if you decide to share them on your social networks, we assure you that they will receive a shower of likes. Do not forget to tag us, so that we can also see everything that your stay in Barcelona has to offer! 


Although you may be spending most of your time conducting business meetings or touring the city, we know how important it is that you feel comfortable when arriving at our apartments in Barcelona. And for that, it is essential that your apartment always looks impeccable.

Now, as we do not want you to waste your time on cleaning tasks, we will be the ones who take care of having your apartment in to conditions. Each week, our cleaning team will leave your apartment as you found it the first day. Sparkling clean. Perfect. And of course, at no extra cost.

Always enjoy a resplendent and perfectly tidy apartment and focus on what really matters: the views of the sea, the company, a delicious meal or dinner … The rest is on us.

Do you need an extra cleaning session? In this case, get in touch with us, and we will take care of everything.


One of the things that most upsets us when we are away from home is the risk of being robbed. This is especially delicate when traveling, since to the material value of the stolen objects adds the loss of the documents necessary to enter or leave the country, such as ID, passport or plane tickets. It is quite a problem, and even more if we consider that getting them back can be expensive, or may require a time that we do not always have.

That is why in Lugaris we work so that during your stay in our apartments in Barcelona, you can feel calm…and leave the apartment out without worrying. To do this, we have the support of a private security company that protects your apartment day and night, 24 hours.

Enjoy the best restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and concerts in Barcelona until the wee hours of the morning – or until the body holds it – and return to your apartment with the certainty that you will find everything as you left it.

Would you like to escape to the Costa Brava, Montserrat or any of the many places to see near Barcelona? If you choose our apartments, you can freely stay away for how long you want. Thanks to the contracted surveillance company, your apartment and your belongings will always be in good hands. As if haven’t left!
Can you ask for more?


To work, read the latest news, check your email or your social networks from your laptop, book tickets for a concert, watch a good movie in streaming, distract the little ones with a fun video game on your tablet … And we could add many more everyday actions related to the Internet.
As we know that the Internet is an indispensable part of your daily life – and that (almost) nobody can live without it – we want you to have it during your vacations. For this, all our apartments in Barcelona have high-speed Wi-Fi connection. And of course, totally free.

Save on your data rate and, if you use an international mobile phone, avoid overpaying on your monthly bill. With our free internet access, you can do all your usual steps like you are in your own home.

The Internet does not rest. That is why, and although you are taking advantage of these days to disconnect to the maximum, we want you to be always aware of everything that happens. With our Wi-Fi connection, you have it very, very easy.

Enjoy it on any occasion!


Almost always, going on a trip is synonymous with taking with us objects and belongings of value or of great importance, such as ID, passport, medical insurance, credit cards, traveller’s checks or a certain amount of cash to be able to do against possible unforeseen events during the time we spend away from home.

In fact, their theft or loss can be a setback for our holidays, for everything they can involve: formalities and procedures and, in the case of means of payment, concern about possible fraudulent use of them. All this without forgetting that losing the travel documents can prevent us from taking a plane or other transport.

In addition, the same can be said for the possible gifts of value that are acquired for family and friends.

That’s why, in Lugaris we offer you the solutions you need to travel with total peace of mind, knowing that your personal documentation and valuables will always be safe. In fact, all our holiday apartments in Barcelona have a safe.

And that’s not all: for your security to be even greater, our flats have a private surveillance service, with which they will be protected 24 hours.

To feel comfortable, it is essential to feel safe. For this reason, in Lugaris we offer you everything you need so that your only concern is to enjoy the best of Barcelona and all that it offers you.


Whether you have to go to work or want to make the most of your Barcelona vacation, you may still have to get up early. However, losing hours of sleep is much easier when there are many attractions of Barcelona waiting for … and a delicious cup of Nespresso TM coffee, prepared to your liking. Can you think of a better way to get active and start the day right?

In Lugaris we know that those who love the good things in life also love coffee. For that, and so you can taste this aromatic drink, all our apartments in Barcelona include a practical Nespresso TM coffee machine. With it you can prepare the first coffee of the day to finish up your breakfasts, or an irresistible decaf that will accompany you while you watch TV before going to sleep.

Although in Lugaris we offer a few complimentary coffee capsules when you check in, we know that there are numerous varieties of Nespresso TM. If you want, tell us which are your favorites, and we will take care to deliver you them (you will only have to pay a small supplement).

And that’s not all: thinking of those more traditional, we also offer a classic coffee maker, perfect for making the same as ever coffee.

Enjoy the creaminess of Nespresso TM, whenever you want and however you want, with the Nespresso TM coffee machine that we put into your hands.

What else?


When we are away from home, there is nothing more practical than having someone who can help us in day-to-day management or simply offer us the indispensable support to make the most of our vacation.

In fact, there are many doubts that assail us when we travel: what monuments and museums are worth visiting, what are the best means of transportation to move around the city, how to get to an exact address, what are the best restaurants or from what Viewpoint we can enjoy incomparable views over the city.

That is why, at the reception of the Lugaris apartments in Barcelona, we put at your disposal a team of professionals who will provide you with the information, guidance and support necessary to make your stay in the Catalan capital an unforgettable experience. And if you need us to take care of some daily tasks, such as shopping at the supermarket, booking tickets, renting bicycles or finding a babysitter for your children, we are at your disposal. In addition, we speak your language, so communication will no longer be a problem even if you are in another country..

To inform, to solve, to help, to suggest … Our reception is for everything you might need. We are waiting for you!


We are convinced that some of the things you miss the most when you are away from home is the convenience of watching the news or television in your language, or enjoying your favourite TV shows. Are we wrong?

As we know the answer, in Lugaris we anticipate your needs. In all our apartments in Barcelona, you will find a wide range of international satellite TV channels, which you can enjoy completely for free, whenever you want, however you want.

And that’s not all: we also make sure to include a balanced offer of channels by country or by language, looking for the perfect combination of information and entertainment, so you do not miss anything during your stay in Barcelona. In addition, to offer you even better service, we continually review the catalogue of offered stations, to incorporate, whenever possible, the channels that our guests would like most of all.

Thus, when you get home after having toured the city on your own, you can relax on your sofa and get up to date on all that has given of the day from the point of view of information. In Lugaris your television is connected to the world, to your world, to your channels, your information and your entertainment. Check it out!


Who does not feel like coming home after a long day and relax with your favourite drink or soda? A cold beer, a good wine, a gin and tonic, a soda or even if there is something to celebrate with a toast, an exquisite bottle of cava or champagne. There is so much to choose from that we could extend this list to infinity.

Anyway, we are convinced that you have in mind some of your favourite brands, right? Or even, if you plan to travel to Barcelona, you want to take advantage of your time in the city to savour some of the excellent Catalan wines, such as the Priorat, or some of the beers made here. If so, we congratulate you on your choice.

If you always have your favourite drinks at home, you can also enjoy them at our apartments in Barcelona. Just ask us for the drinks you want, and we will make sure they are never missing in your fridge. From mineral water to liqueurs, we will ensure that your apartment is always well stocked.

This is another of the many details that you can enjoy with Lugaris. However, there are many more. Contact us and discover them!


Would you like to organize a delicious meal or dinner at home? Do you love to relax and enjoy your favourite drink after a long day of work or tourism? Although either of these proposals requires planning and time, in Lugaris we want you always to have in your fridge everything you want.

That is why, if you stay in our apartments in Barcelona, we give you the option to do your shopping in the supermarket instead of you. You just have to tell us what you need, and we will take care of it and get it to your apartment. You make the list, and Lugaris buys it!

Thus, after having admired everything that the city offers you, you can taste the best products without having to go out again to the street.

With our grocery shopping service, you only have to worry about making the most of your stay in the Catalan capital. We take care of everything else, so you never lack anything.


And not only that, traveling is also the perfect excuse to prove to our acquaintances and loved ones that we think of them when we are away from home. For this, it is enough to acquire a souvenir from those cities that we visited.

On the other hand, we know that getting it right is not always easy, especially when we have to give someone to people who are not close to us. All this without forgetting that the ideal is to choose a gift that is related to the country that is visited. Now, how to know if what we are acquiring is something really typical of the area? Trust our experience and leave everything in our hands. In Lugaris, we offer a service of purchase of gifts, managed by professionals who will choose the perfect detail for you, taking into account the needs and preferences of the recipient.

In this way, you will ensure a triumphant return, thanks to our careful selection of souvenirs and gifts. Handicraft products, home decor items, t-shirts, fashion accessories, leather goods, fashion accessories, books, children’s games…

Book one of your apartments in Barcelona and tell us what you need: we take care that your gifts are a sure hit.


Did you know that Barcelona is planning to surpass 300 km of bike path in 2018? A figure that nearly triples the existing three years ago, and perfectly illustrates how the Catalan capital is betting on this sustainable, environmentally friendly and fun means of transport.

Also, can you think of a better way to discover the city than by taking long walks along the beach on two wheels? Enjoy the excellent climate of Barcelona and take advantage of this extraordinary means of transport to explore one of the most admired cities in Europe. Likewise, you can combine your itineraries with trips by metro, bus or tram, which will help you to save time.

Forget the car, parking problems and traffic jams at rush hour and dare to explore the Catalan capital on your own.

Do not waste the sole of your shoes. Just talk to us, and our bicycle rental service will ensure that you can move around Barcelona as the locals. In Lugaris, we take care of the necessary steps so that you can get the most out of your bike.

Book one of our apartments in Barcelona and get ready to explore the city in total comfort with your bicycle.

Interested in places to see in Barcelona? Take a look at our Barcelona Guide!.


A Champions League match at the Camp Nou, a concert of your favourite group at the Palau Sant Jordi, a pass for the Sònar, an opera in the incomparable setting of the Liceu, two tickets for a comedy in one of the theatres of Paral · Lel, a guided visit to the Picasso Museum or Casa Batlló, a guided tour through the streets of the Gothic Quarter…

The cultural and sports offer in Barcelona is so intense and extensive that we would need days, if not weeks, to summarize it.

For that reason, we recommend you take a look at the cultural events taking place before traveling to Barcelona and choose the shows you do not want to miss. Of course, there are so many options, we assure you that it will be difficult to decide.

Do you know what you want to see? In that case, if you are looking for tickets, let us know and we will get them for you. In this way, you will avoid wasting time in long management processes, or queuing in front of a point of sale to get to your seats.

Book one of our luxury apartments in Barcelona and get ready to enjoy the countless attractions that the Catalan capital has to offer: monuments, delicious Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine … and magnificent live music shows and sporting events that you will always remember.
Do not miss it!


Are you one of those who worship starting the day flipping through your favourite newspaper? Do you want to keep up to date with the latest news from other countries, informing yourself through your own media? If so, do not forget to tell us!

In Lugaris we know that many daily habits are almost sacred, even when traveling to another country for work or leisure. Therefore, if you decide to stay in one of our exclusive apartments in Barcelona, we assure you that you will not have to give up on them. Or at least, not all of them.

Without going any further, we offer a service that will allow you to enjoy the best international press, paying a small supplement. Choose your favourite newspaper – The New York Times, The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine, La Stampa, etc. – and we will make sure you receive it promptly every morning.

In this way, you will start the day well informed. And if you wish, you can do so whilst savouring a delicious coffee – prepare it with your traditional coffee machine or Nespresso TM, using the welcome capsules that we offer you.

With Lugaris, the kilometres that separate you from your house will not be a drawback for you to read the news in your language … and with the comfort of having you own physical newspaper. It can’t be any more practical”


Did you know that Barcelona has more than half a million registered cars? If we add that it is not a very big city, we will understand why it is so difficult to find a parking space in the Catalan capital, and especially in the most central neighbourhoods. Hence, many drivers have no choice but to leave their vehicle in a private parking lot for hours, which implies a significant outlay.

However, in Lugaris we want this circumstance not to be an impediment for you. Therefore, if you choose one of our apartments in Barcelona, we offer you a parking lot in the same building. You only have to contact us when making your reservation, and we will take care of everything. In this way, you will be able to travel with your own vehicle around Barcelona, and park it quickly, without having to spend time finding a parking space. Can you imagine?.

Do not think about it anymore: if you want your vacations to run smoothly, go for a drive around the city. With Lugaris’ parking lots, you have no excuse. Contact us, and get your parking spot for as long as you need, and at the most advantageous price.


Are you one of those who do not get activated until they do not have the first coffee of the day? Or, simply, do not want to give up the pleasure of tasting this delicious and aromatic drink whenever you want? Whatever your case, we are convinced that you will love to know that in our apartments in Barcelona, you have two great coffee machines at your disposal: a traditional one, for the most classic guests and a practical Nespresso TM.

And so you can make the most of the latter, we also offer a complimentary pack of coffee capsules, completely free of charge. Now, we are fully aware that each customer is unique when it comes to savouring this great little pleasure. Because everyone prefers different flavors.

As everyone prefers a different coffee, you can choose the taste of your Nespresso TM coffee at our reception. These are the irresistible varieties that we offer. Pay attention!

• Roma. Enjoy the balance between gently roasted Central and South American Arabicas of a robusta coffee. Surrender to their sweet and wood notes, that will leave an intense and lasting flavour on the palate.

• Volluto. Try this arabica coffee from South America, with notes of biscuit enhanced by a touch of acidity and a fruity note.

• Ristretto. Discover this tempting combination of South American and East African arabica with a touch of robusta variety. Separately Toasted they provide a delicate fruity note to this espresso-bodied and intense flavour.

• Livanto. We put in your hands a pure Arabica from Central and South America. The result is an excellent balanced coffee that stands out for its toasted and caramelized notes.

Choose your Nespresso TM coffee capsules: we will make sure that you will have them in your apartment.


Your baby might be a little angel, but he/she does not sleep in the clouds. So if you need a crib, you just have to ask us when you book any of our apartments in Barcelona. We will take care of getting you one that offers maximum comfort and security for your little one. And, of course, at no extra cost for you.

When checking in the apartment, you will find it ready and equipped with linens, so that your son or daughter can enjoy a good rest.

We are aware that many children miss their cradle or bed when they are away from home, therefore, in Lugaris we select for them the most comfortable ones, so that they can sleep tight while you enjoy a delicious dinner, our international television channels or your favorite book.

Would you like to go out and prefer your kids to stay at home? In that case, we offer the possibility of booking an optional babysitting service (with charge). This way, the youngest members of the family will have a great time while you dedicate yourself to discovering how much Barcelona offers you. In addition, our caregivers and nannies are charming and full of confidence. We are convinced that your children will love it. Check it out!


Our Barcelona apartments have everything: top quality finishes, furniture, crockery, cutlery, coffee maker, linens … in some cases, you can even enjoy a balcony, a pleasant terrace, pool and mesmerizing sea views.

So that your apartment near the beach does not lack anything, do not forget those aspects that, despite not being an accessory, turn a good vacation into an unforgettable experience. For example, cleaning.

Let’s face it: returning to your apartment after an intense day of work or tourism in Barcelona and having everything you need to be as the first day will help you to forget about your daily concerns. And, why should you spend part of your time buying household products… when we can do it for you?

With our complete Dirty Harry cleaning pack we offer that you need for your perfect apartment: kitchen paper, toilet paper, trash bags, dishwasher detergent and washing machine detergent.

To sum it up, with Lugaris you are saved! With our help you will get one of those little things that will make your stay easier, more comfortable and cleaner.
Ask your pack with the reservation!


Would you like to surprise your partner with an unforgettable detail? Are you thinking of an original means of transportation for a business meeting or a dinner between friends? If you want to turn any night out into an event, we present a suggestion that is much more glamorous than a taxi, but just as effective: a spectacular luxury limousine.

To make your stay in our apartments in Barcelona even more memorable, just let us know. In Lugaris we will contact a limousine rental company to pick you up and take you wherever you need. Don’t worry: we will take care of everything.

Since these vehicles are not as common as in other parts of the world (as for example, in New York), seeing these very long cars circulate is still striking. You and the rest of the occupants will feell extraordinary!

Call us and get ready to leave everyone speechless while enjoying a ride with maximum comfort. It will be like being in a hotel on wheels.
Share this unique moment with whoever you want!


We are convinced that you will want to take advantage of your holiday to eat or dine at some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Or to go to a concert or simply to relax and have a drink in good company, discovering how much the night in Barcelona offers.

And although this is the most common purpose, traveling with children can become an impediment when you want to take a break or going out until late g.

However, with Lugaris, we can make your wishes come true. In order to o experience all that the city offers you at night, your children will not be a problem.

In fact, with us, they will always be in good hands, thanks to our babysitting service. Just get in touch with us and tell us when and how long you need us to take care of the kids.

We have experienced and confident babysitters (probably the most charming after Mary Poppins), so you can go out and have fun with total peace of mind. During your absence, your children will enjoy the attention and activities proposed by our babysitters, so they will have as much fun as you (if not more!).

In our apartments in Barcelona you can plan your stay as you wish, even when it is a family holiday. Try it: call us and let us take care of everything!


A dinner or party with family or friends, some domestic mishap or, simply, the desire to enjoy a spotless, shining and perfectly tidy apartment. Why not?

Although our luxury apartments in Barcelona are designed to guarantee you maximum comfort, we know that the small details make the difference. That’s why, although our team offers a weekly cleaning with no additional cost, you may need extra help to get a truly clean apartment.

And we are here to make it easy for you. Do you want an extra cleaning? Two? Three? You choose the amount of times. Just let us know, and tell us when you want us to leave your apartment spotless. Your wishes are orders for our team.

In Lugaris, we strive every day to make you feel at home from the first moment, something that includes a range of services that will make your Barcelona holidays much more pleasant (if possible!).Forget about scrubbing and sweeping up and down: we do it for you, so that you can spend your free time in Barcelona as you should be: enjoying the most of it.


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