Security measures against COVID-19 in Lugaris

Health and safety measures against COVID-19

At Lugaris Apartments, we are working to open our doors in compliance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, and to provide our guests with a safe experience with all the comfort that we can offer on a daily basis.

That is why we have revised our booking, stay and cancellation policies to adapt them to the current situation, derived from the COVID-19 outbreak. We have also made our booking options more flexible, in order to guarantee your peace of mind and comfort at all times.

When you visit us, you should take the following indications into account.

Take a PCR or antigen test at Lugaris

To make your return home comfortable and safe, at Lugaris we have reached an agreement with the prestigious HM Delfos Hospital so that you can comfortably take a PCR or antigen test in your Lugaris flat. In addition, if you prefer, you can also go directly to the clinic, and we will reserve a date and time for the test. Whatever your preferred option, all you need to do is to book a date and time for your PCR or antigen test.

Changes in the booking dates of our apartments

• Government restrictions. While the state of alert decreed by the Spanish Government is in force, we will follow the legal framework set by the competent authorities to carry out our activity and do so as quickly as possible.

• Existing bookings. If your booking coincides with the state of alarm and the closure of our hotels in Barcelona is still in force by government order, please contact your Tour Operator or Travel Agency. If you have booked through our website, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team ( We will be happy to help you modify your booking, as long as the change is made up to 24 hours before your arrival date.

• New bookings. Any new bookings you make, even those described as non-refundable, will be closely monitored by our team. Changes to government guidelines are common and your booking may be affected. For more information, please see the following FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our security measures

What measures are applied at the reception of the apartments?

At our reception, you will find the recommended safety distance marked on the floor (2 m). We also have a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser and this space is disinfected every morning before the beginning of the working day. During customer service hours, the floor, counters and other elements will be disinfected, following the ministerial instructions. The guest toilet shall be disinfected six times during reception opening hours. Our team is equipped with individual protective equipment (PPE), which is necessary to serve guests safely and professionally. In addition, our staff have received training in risk prevention against COVID-19, which will allow them to give you a warm welcome and to attend to your queries safely and with the usual friendliness.

Due to COVID-19, the timetable and operation of our reception may be altered according to check-in activity. This is why we ask our guests to always indicate their time of arrival, in order to offer the highest quality service. We will be at your service no matter the time of day, so please call 648784702 to contact us. 

What other precautions have been taken in the apartments?

At Lugaris Apartments, the safety of our guests and our professionals comes first. For this reason, we apply an exhaustive safety protocol, using disinfectant products authorised by the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare, with maximum respect for our commitment to the environment. As a safety measure, each room will be empty for 3 days in between guests, depending on availability, guests will stay on different floors of our three buildings (those of Lugaris Beach and the two of Lugaris Rambla), making sure that guests don’t cross paths with other clients.

What about the common areas?

In Lugaris Apartments’ common areas, the hygiene regulations established by the government entities will be applied. Each entrance will have a hydroalcoholic gel dispenser. Elevators, door handles and stair railings will be disinfected every two hours.

Is the customer service safe?

Yes, our reception team is equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). In addition, the 2 m distance between guests is indicated on the reception floor. However, for those customers who prefer not to make face-to-face enquiries, we have a WhatsApp and a WeChat channel to answer any questions.

Are masks mandatory in the common areas?

Face masks must be used throughout the whole city, except within the apartment. The obligation includes common areas and no matter the situation, no matter if the 2 meter social distance can be kept or not.

Can I use the swimming pool in the apartments?

Yes, the pool is now open for Lugaris Beach guests. When using the pool and terrace area, all guests must comply at all times with the rules they will find at the entrances of the area. 

If I get any symptoms while staying in the apartment, what should I do?

If one of our customers has symptoms of COVID-19 whilst staying in our apartments, they should contact reception immediately. They will give the clients instructions according to current rules and guidelines.


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