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Top Recommendations for Barcelona Primavera Sound 2024

As the eagerly awaited Primavera Sound 2024 approaches, the excitement among its dedicated fans continues to grow. This festival, famous worldwide for bringing together emerging artists and music legends in one venue, promises to be an unmissable event for all music lovers. At Lugaris, we have prepared a detailed guide with recommendations for Primavera Sound 2024, so you can fully enjoy one of the most dynamic events on the international music scene. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

When is Barcelona Primavera Sound 2024 taking place?

The 22nd edition of the Primavera Sound festival will be held from May 29 to June 2, 2024, in Barcelona. Tickets have been on sale since November 28, and you can still purchase various types of passes to fully enjoy the event. These dates will mark three days of musical, cultural, and entertainment festivities, with activities throughout the city of Barcelona during the festival week.

Best Ways to Get to Primavera Sound

Primavera Sound is annually held at the Parc del Fòrum. There are numerous transportation options available:


One of the most effective ways to get to the Parc del Fòrum is on the Barcelona Tram line T4. Be careful! Although this means of transport leaves you right at the gates of the festival, it is the busiest form of transport. Especially on the way back from the festival to your accommodation, try to avoid the tram if you’re not prepared to stand in long queues.


There are two different metro lines to get to Primavera Sound. The first one is to take Line 1 (Red) to ‘Glòries’ and then take the tram that we talked about before. Remember that using the Barcelona metro you can change for free on both the tram and the bus.

If you prefer, you can take Line 4 (Yellow) to ‘El Maresme – Fòrum’ from another part of the city.


If you prefer to take the bus to get to the Parc del Fòrum, there are several options. You can take the H16, H14, 7, 136, V31 and 143 buses. Also, for concerts that start later in the evening, you can opt for the N6 and N7 night buses. As there are only two night buses, remember that this option also involves queuing many times.


Although it is a more expensive option, you may want to consider taking a taxi to get to the Parc del Fòrum. Bear in mind that it will be very crowded and sometimes it can be difficult to find available taxis.


Year after year, Primavera Sound offers another type of transport for its attendees: the shuttles. They leave from Plaça Catalunya every so often, and can be the best option to get to the Parc del Fòrum in time to enjoy the concerts. The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free with your season ticket! Bear in mind that it’s a direct bus and that it will drop you off there too.


If you’re one of those who dare to travel around Barcelona by car, we recommend that you leave early, as finding a parking space can be an almost impossible task, and you might find it too far from the entrance to the festival. If this is your option, we recommend that you park your car in a guarded car park rather than leaving it on the street.

On foot:

If you’re staying in Poblenou or the surrounding area, the best option is to go on foot. This way, you’ll be sure to avoid waiting in long queues. If you leave in plenty of time, this is our top recommendation – remember that if you’re staying at Lugaris Beach, you’re only 20 minutes away from the entrance!

Primavera Sound 2024 Passes:

For the 2024 edition of Primavera Sound, a diverse range of passes has been designed to meet the needs and preferences of all attendees. Haven’t got your ticket yet? Here are some recommendations:

Full Festival Pass:

This pass grants access to all days of the festival. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to miss any performances and wish to fully immerse in the festival experience. Like most festivals in Barcelona (and worldwide), the earlier you buy your pass, the cheaper it will be. Primavera offers three price tiers that increase as the festival date approaches, each tier being more expensive than the last.

VIP Experience:

If you want all the benefits of a general pass but with additional privileges, the VIP pass is for you. This pass provides access to exclusive areas and additional services such as exclusive bars and restrooms.

Single Day Tickets:

There are no partial passes. Therefore, if you only want to attend specific days, you will need to purchase a daily ticket for each day separately. You also have the option to purchase daily VIP passes, which might offer, for example, a privileged view of Lana del Rey while enjoying a cocktail.

Special Discounts:

For Santander Bank customers, there are discounted passes available on the original price. This offer is available for general, VIP, and single-day passes. Additionally, if you hold the Bono Cultural Joven card, you can spend up to €200 on tickets for the festival.

Tips to Plan Your Days at Primavera Sound:

Organizing your days at Primavera Sound requires careful planning to ensure you don’t miss any of your favorite artists and make the most of the experience. This year, 151 artists or groups will be performing, making it essential to organize well and optimize your time. Here are some key tips to succeed:

What Time Should You Arrive at the Festival?

The first thing to determine is how much time you’ll need to get to the festival. It’s important to note that on the first day, you should arrive a bit before the start of the first concert you want to see, as you’ll need to exchange your pass for a wristband. Calculate the travel time from where you’re staying to Parc del Fòrum and add an extra hour on the first day, and 30 minutes on subsequent days to avoid being late.

How to Plan Concert Times?

It’s crucial to study the Primavera Sound 2024 lineup, but don’t just focus on the headliners; also explore lesser-known names, as you might discover some real musical gems, which is part of the enchantment of this festival.

While you’ll want to see all your favorite artists and bands, be realistic and understand that it’s impossible to catch everything. Prioritize your must-see concerts, and once that’s done, create “travel itineraries” between different stages to minimize time loss and get to the concerts that interest you the most.

Download the Primavera Sound App to stay informed about everything happening, not miss anything, and customize your itinerary. With this app, you can mark your favorite artists and create your own schedule. You can also use the interactive map of the site to easily find your way around and locate various stages, food points, restrooms, and other points of interest.

Keep in mind that if you want to see an artist on the main stage up close, you should start looking for a spot about an hour before the concert begins.

Essential things to bring to Primavera Sound

What are you going to bring to the festival? Here are a few tips to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible at the festival:

Comfortable Clothing:

Opt for comfortable, breathable clothing with a warm layer added. Although temperatures remain high during the day, carrying a light sweater for the cooler hours around 3 AM is a wise decision.


Don’t assume that you will be able to pay for everything with a card. It is wise to carry cash to handle any unforeseen expenses.

Comfortable Shoes:

Prepare to spend long hours standing and dancing; therefore, it is essential to choose the most comfortable shoes you have.

Sun Protection:

Bring a generous amount of sunscreen. Parc del Fòrum offers little shade, making it crucial to apply sunscreen before leaving and to keep a small bottle on you for reapplications throughout the day. Don’t forget your sunglasses, essential for Primavera Sound 2024. If possible, bring a hat to protect your head.

Additional Tips to Survive the Festival:

With many years of experience and anecdotes from Primavera Sound, we have gathered some additional veteran festival tips that might be helpful:

Moderate Alcohol Consumption:

If you plan to consume alcohol during the concerts, do so in moderation. This is not just a precautionary measure, but also because you will face long lines at the restrooms, which are not always as clean as you might wish. Try to minimize these moments and alternate alcohol with water to stay hydrated.

Choose a Meeting Point:

If you are attending the festival with friends, it’s very likely that you might lose each other due to the crowd and various distractions. Choose a meeting point where you can regroup in case of separation. Avoid picking the festival entrance as a meeting point, as it is a highly frequented area that can make regrouping difficult.

Eating or Drinking Outside the Festival:

Prices inside the festival are generally higher than outside. If you plan to eat or drink something before entering the festival or during a break, know that you are not the only one with this idea. Bars near the festival are often full, sometimes only offering take-away options. A practical option for seated dining is to head to Diagonal Mar shopping center, where you can find food chains at more affordable prices.

Where to Stay for Primavera Sound:

Accommodation is a key element to fully enjoy Primavera Sound 2024 in Barcelona. Choosing a place that is close, comfortable, well-equipped, and well-connected to the public transport network is essential for recharging after long days of music and entertainment.

Lugaris apartments in Barcelona are an excellent accommodation option for Primavera Sound 2024. In addition to their proximity to the Fòrum, you can enjoy relaxing moments in the rooftop pool and unwind in carefully furnished apartments.


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