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Calçots in Barcelona

Do you want to try calçots Barcelona? Great plan! When the good weather starts, and your plans in the city involve tasting local food and indulging in authentic experiences, putting on some gloves and bibs on means getting ready to enjoy a real delicacy.

Calçots, romesco, grilled meat, grilled vegetables and a good wine are the perfect ingredients that will make your calçotada unbeatable. At Lugaris we’d like to show you the best places to eat calçots near Barcelona so that you can enjoy a delight for your palate. You’ll be amazed! 😉

calçots a la brasa

First things first: What are calçots? 

Don’t have a clue what calçots are? We’ll tell you all about them.

The origin of calçots can be traced back to the city of Tarragona. It is believed that it was at the end of the 19th century, when, in the lands of Camp de Tarragona, a farmer called Xat de Benaiges discovered a peculiar method to protect his onions from the cold winter. Before the first frosts arrived, Xat decided to cover the onions with earth, thus forming a kind of protective layer around the green shoots.

As the weeks went by, the sprouts continued to grow underground, seeking sunlight through the layer of soil that covered them. This natural process resulted in long, tender shoots with a mild, sweet taste, which soon aroused people’s curiosity.

It was then that Xat de Benaiges decided to hold a feast to share this new delicacy. Gathering the community in his farmhouse, Xat prepared the sprouts, which had grown in an elongated shape due to the technique of covering them with earth, and grilled them over live flames.

The result was extraordinary: tender, sweet sprouts with a unique texture and an unbeatable flavour. This is how calçots were born, a gastronomic delicacy that quickly became a huge hit with the Catalans.

Since then, calçots have become a symbol of Catalan cuisine, a tradition that is celebrated every winter during the famous calçotades. This tradition involves gathering friends and family around an outdoor area to taste these delicious onions, accompanied by the famous calçot sauce, which is very similar to the also Catalan sauce, romesco. And it all began with the vision and creativity of a humble farmer. Curious, right?

presentación de calçots con salsa romesco y vino

The best places for calçots in Barcelona city

First of all, we’ll stay in Barcelona city. And the fact is that the Catalan capital has good restaurants for a good calçotada in Barcelona, and it is a tradition! Take note of these 8 recommended places and get ready to enjoy!

Calçotada at Can Travi Nou

Located in a rural setting within the city, Can Travi Nou offers an authentic Catalan calçotada experience in a cosy, family atmosphere. Their delicious grilled calçot and homemade romesco sauce are simply irresistible.

hombre pinchando calçots

El Jardí de l’Àpat Restaurant

With a beautiful garden that adds a touch of calmness, El Jardí de l’Àpat offers an exceptional calçotada, where the quality of the calçots is combined with impeccable service and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Can Cortada

Located in the heart of the city, Can Cortada is an emblematic place to enjoy an authentic calçotada in Barcelona. With a long gastronomic history, this restaurant combines tradition with culinary innovation to offer an unforgettable experience. It is one of the best Catalan cuisine restaurants in Barcelona and, for this reason, they are true experts in calçots.

calçots cocinándose al fuego

Can Solé

With over a hundred years of history, Can Solé is a benchmark in Barcelona’s culinary scene. Its calçotada, prepared with tradition and passion, is a true delight for lovers of Catalan gastronomy.

Restaurant Casa Varela

Located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, Casa Varela is known for its cosy atmosphere and traditional Catalan cuisine. It is an ideal place to eat calçots in Barcelona and offers an authentic experience to delight the most demanding palates.

presentación de calçots con salsa romesco

Restaurant Ca l’Isidre

With a Michelin star and a long history in Catalan haute cuisine, Ca l’Isidre offers a high-end calçotada that combines culinary excellence with the most authentic flavours of the area. 

Restaurant Bodega Joan

Located in the Gothic Quarter, Bodega Joan is an emblematic place where you can enjoy a traditional calçotada in an atmosphere full of history. Its grilled calçots are a real treat for the senses.

Restaurant La Fonda del Port Olímpic

Overlooking the port, La Fonda del Port Olímpic offers a calçotada with a Mediterranean touch. Its seafaring atmosphere and excellent selection of wines perfectly complement the flavours of the calçots and romesco sauce.

hombre pelando un calçot

The best places for a calçotada near Barcelona

But if you want the real deal, locals recommend getting away from Barcelona, to enjoy a good. Here is a list of 7 recommended restaurants and farmhouses for you to have calçots near Barcelona.

Can Borrell farmhouse

A good calçotada near Barcelona can be found in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Can Borrell is a farmhouse that offers an authentic Catalan calçotada experience in a rural and peaceful setting. With a cosy atmosphere and traditional cuisine, Masia Can Borrell is perfect for a gastronomic getaway near Barcelona.

Masia Can Ametller

Located in Sant Cugat, this farmhouse offers a gourmet calçotada with high quality products and authentic flavours. With an elegant atmosphere, Masia Can Ametller is perfect for a unique culinary experience near Barcelona. Sant Cugat is also one of the best places to go for a day out near Barcelona.

Cal Ganxo

Located in the town of Valls, the birthplace of calçots in Catalonia, Cal Ganxo is a popular place to enjoy a calçotada in Tarragona. With a large terrace and home-style cooking, this restaurant offers a traditional gastronomic experience within easy reach of Barcelona. In addition, Valls is one of the best towns to visit near Barcelona.

calçots cocinándose en una parrilla

Masia Can Portell 

Located in Molins de Rei, this farmhouse is another of the best places to have calçotada near Barcelona. It offers a menu with a Mediterranean touch in a natural and relaxed setting. It has a beautiful garden and creative cuisine, making it the perfect choice for an outdoor meal near Barcelona.

Can Sardà

In Cerdanyola you will find Can Sardà, a restaurant that combines the tradition of a Catalan farmhouse with the exquisite experience of tasting authentic calçots. This restaurant offers much more than a delicious meal; its farmyard with a variety of fauna, from hens and roosters to goats and ostriches, provides an original welcome that delights young and old alike.

Can Borrell

Just a few minutes from Barcelona, in Sant Cugat, is Can Borrell, a gastronomic establishment that fuses the best of traditional Catalan cuisine with a charming setting. This restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary experience with its calçotada menu, which includes a generous serving of calçots followed by grilled meat as the main course, accompanied by dessert and a drink.

Can Jané

Can Jané is another of the best places to have a good calçotada near Barcelona. It is located in Collserola and is an 18th-century farmhouse in the middle of nature. This restaurant stands out for its commitment to freshness and authenticity in every dish, thanks to the fresh and natural products grown in their own gardens. Specialising in Catalan cuisine and grilled meats, Can Jané offers an unrivalled culinary experience.

Can Carbonell

Can Carbonell is a 13th century farmhouse located 15 minutes from Barcelona in Sant Just Desvern. It offers authentic Catalan cuisine with grilled specialities, cod and calçots. They have an exclusive menu of unlimited calçots for the whole table, accompanied by grilled meat at a very competitive price.

manojo de calçots antes de ponerse al fuego

And if you want to do more sightseeing, discover the best medieval villages near Barcelona.


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