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The best live concerts in Barcelona this year

Barcelona is known as the city of art, music, color and partying. If you bring all these ingredients together, the first thing that comes to mind is concerts. The truth is that Barcelona is an expert when it comes to concerts, and this year 2024 is packed with shows to suit all tastes, with international artists showcasing their talent in the Catalan capital.

If you’re one of those people who have the essential kit for a festival by the bedside, so that you’ll be ready when the occasion arises, here at Lugaris we’d like to present you with the best concerts in Barcelona in 2024. Choose the one that catches your attention and buy your tickets as soon as possible, because they sell out fast!

Concerts in January in Barcelona

We are going to highlight some of the concerts in Barcelona in 2024, ordered by dates. And of course, we start with January, the first month of the year, a month with many surprises and with many options for all kinds of audiences. 

What you need after the Christmas holidays is to disconnect, and there’s no better way to do it than by attending one of these concerts and enjoying these artists to the full. 

On 20 January, at the Sant Jordi, we have a concert by Joan Dausà, who will bring the “Jo mai mai 10 anys” tour to an end and is called “La gran bogería”.

Another option in January, also at the Palau Sant Jordi, is to attend the concert by the well-known band “Simple Plan“, who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on stage on 22nd January.

Concerts in February in Barcelona

February, the month of love, also comes swooning with concerts and this time it even proposes a whole festival of concerts in Barcelona for 2024. The month starts off strong with a Bad Gyal show at the Palau Sant Jordi. This event will take place on 9 February and could become your ideal gift if you are an unconditional fan of urban music, dembow and the Catalan singer.

If you like Bad Gyal, you will surely like her younger sister’s music. Mushkaa is performing live on the 1st and 2nd February. You can enjoy her concerts at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona, one of the emerging voices of new urban music.

Concerts in March in Barcelona

March is March, the month in which spring arrives. There’s no better way to welcome the flowers, the colours and the pollen than by attending one of the best concerts in Barcelona in 2024. We start the month of March with Depeche Mode on the 16th, one of the most influential bands of all time and with more than 100 million records sold. Known for great songs such as “Personal Jesus” and “Never let me down again”.

Another totally different option for this March is Nicki Nicole. The Argentinian singer will be at the Palau Sant Jordi on 22 March with her new album: “Alma”. 

March is exploding, so you can’t miss it!


Concerts in April in Barcelona

We continue with our list of the best concerts in Barcelona in 2024, already in the month of April, and with a wide variety of options to discover. 

First up is Nil Moliner‘s concert at the Palau Sant Jordi on 20 April. He arrives with a tour full of energy, called “Nuestra locura tour”, and will recall songs such as Libertad, Luces de ciudad, Esperando and Soldadito de hierro.

On 16 April, at Luz de Gas, Jarabe de Palo will delight us with their unmistakable style, on a tour in tribute to the late singer of the famous band, Pau Donés.

Shortly after, this concert in Barcelona will be followed by Hans Zimmer’s epic concert on the 24th of April at the Palau Sant Jordi. Let you be carried away by the impressive compositions of the genius behind the most acclaimed soundtracks in cinema. A concert that will transport you to worlds of fantasy and emotion.

And for rock lovers, Mägo de Oz arrives with their incomparable energy to offer you a concert full of passion and fun on 26 April at the Sala Razzmatazz. You can’t miss their live show!

To finish off the month, the concert calendar offers us the performance of Andy & Lucas. The popular duo from Cádiz are splitting up after 20 years, and will bid farewell to Barcelona on 27 April at the Sant Jordi.

Concerts in May in Barcelona

In May, the summer heat starts to arrive little by little and people are looking forward to any excuse to let off steam in the open air after the winter. That’s why it has become the month of concerts, and the programme confirms it. 

The first concert in May will be given by Andrea Bocelli, who will perform in Barcelona on 1 May to commemorate his 30 years on stage. It will be the first time that the Italian tenor will perform in Barcelona after having sold out his previous concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid. 

On 3 May you can find options with very different styles. In Razzmatazz’s Sala 1, we’ll have an artist of the stature of Álvaro de Luna who promises to fill the night with rhythm and energy. Also at Barcelona’s Sala Razzmatazz, MAIKEL DELACALLE will be giving a thrilling concert for lovers of R&B and hip hop. And to round off the day, Guillem Gisbert, the former singer of the band “Manel”, will delight us with his great musical style, but this time as a solo artist.

Continuing with the list of concerts in Barcelona in May 2024, we find Lil Yachty at Razzmatazz. The American rapper will give a great show on 10 May, which is sure to be electrifying.

On 17 May, the Gran Teatre Liceu will witness the legendary Loquillo, who will bring his unmistakable style to the stage in an unforgettable night.

At the end of the month, on the 25th, we have the Jonas Brothers to present their latest tour “The Tour: Five Albums. One Night”. After years of performances, the Jonas Brothers say goodbye with their biggest tour to date.

Concerts in June in Barcelona

Summer is finally approaching, and with it, the concert offer in Barcelona in 2024 is even greater. In addition to many festivals, Barcelona will be hosting numerous international artists and bands that you’re sure to love to see live. 

For example, for metal lovers, on 11 June the well-known German band Rammstein will be visiting us at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium. It will be a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the band’s creation, with iconic songs such as “Du hast” and “Sonne”. 

Maldita Nerea will be performing on 7 June at the Sala Razzmatazz to offer all their fans a night of good music, contagious energy and good vibes.  Two days later, the world-famous Mexican band Maná arrives at the Palau Sant Jordi to rock us with a concert full of their best hits.

If you are a heavy metal lover, on the 13th of June the Sant Jordi Club welcomes the legendary band Judas Priest. A unique opportunity to enjoy their passion for live music.

If you are more of a pop music lover, one of the sensations of the moment, Olivia Rodrigo, will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi on 18 June to offer a show full of talent and good music.

And to finish the month, for the unconditional fans of the Spanish talent show Operación Triunfo, the winner of the eleventh edition of this programme arrives at Casa Seat to dazzle us with her magnificent voice. NIA will be performing in Barcelona on 27 June.

To top it all off, on 20 and 22 June, one of the greatest will return to Barcelona: “The Boss”. After his sold out show last year, and looking forward to being a huge success again, Bruce Springsteen returns to Barcelona with the famous “The E Street Band” and it might be one of the last chances to see this music legend live. Don’t miss it!

Don’t forget some of the best festivals in Barcelona such as Primavera Sound, which this year takes place between 29 May and 2 June.

Concerts in July in Barcelona

We continue with the great offer of concerts in Barcelona in 2024 during the summer months, in this case, for the month of July. 

We start the month of July with a concert on 3 July at the Palau Sant Jordi with Colombian artist Camilo, who will captivate us with his unique style of music.

For an older audience and for rock & roll lovers, the legendary band Pearl Jam will be coming to Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi on 6 July. They will delight us with a review of their best songs after years and years of great successes.

On 11 July, the Muñoz brothers, also known as “Estopa”, return to Barcelona to present their greatest hits on the 25th anniversary of the group from Cornellá. “Camarón”, “Partiendo la Pana” and “Tragicomedia” will be some of the well-known songs that you will be able to enjoy, as well as new proposals that they will present for all their unconditional fans. 

In addition, during the month of July, from the 10th to the 13th, you can enjoy one of the most fashionable festivals in the city of Barcelona: the Cruïlla Festival. With performances by The Smashing Pumpkins, Avril Lavigne, The Tyets, Oques grasses and many more bands.

For a younger audience, on 14 July an Argentinian artist with an angelic voice, Emilia Mernes, will be performing at Palau Sant Jordi.

And to end the month, also at the Palau Sant Jordi, on 17 July Luis Miguel will conquer his fans with a review of all his years of great music.

Concerts in August in Barcelona

To start the hot month of August we have the luxury of seeing The Omnific live at Sala Razzmatazz. On the 1st of August, they will catch us with a night full of innovative music and enveloping rhythms.

Moving a little further away from Barcelona, specifically at the Auditori Jardins Terramar in Sitges, on 7 August we will have the illustrious band Camela, to thrill their fans with their most iconic songs and their unmistakable style.

Continuing with concerts in Barcelona for the month of August, we have Xavi Malacara, who will be waiting for you at the Festes de Gràcia on 15 August to offer you a unique musical experience in a festive and joyful setting.

On 27 August, Poble Espanyol becomes the stage for an unmissable event with The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie, a night full of alternative music and intense emotions.

And to end the month, Sala Apolo welcomes Alcione on August 30, the legendary Brazilian singer, to offer you an evening full of rhythm and Caribbean flavour.

Concerts in September in Barcelona

In September, the routine wheel starts again. It’s time to start up all the projects that have been coming up over the summer, but everyone needs a break. 

We start the month of September with a great concert on the 3rd at Sala Apolo.  Enjoy the magic of The Tallest Man On Earth, where this talented musician will take you on a unique musical journey with his captivating voice and profound lyrics.

Two days later, on 5 August, Jordan Rakei will be performing at Razzmatazz’s Sala 2 to offer you a night full of soul, funk and enveloping rhythms that will make you dance until dawn.

On 14 September, the musical genius behind Calle 13, the legendary Residente, arrives at the Palau Sant Jordi to offer you a concert full of energy and good vibes.

For the month of September in Barcelona, we can find quite interesting options in the musical offer. On 14 September, at the Sala Bóveda, those interested will be able to enjoy a great concert by Maiden United, the tribute band to the famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

To finish off the concerts in September, on the 28th Lankum, a band that fuses Irish musical tradition with a contemporary touch, creating a unique and exciting sound, will be coming to Barcelona’s Sala Apolo.

Concerts in October in Barcelona

In October we welcome autumn, the time with the most free days of the year. We don’t know if you’re one of those who celebrates Halloween, the Castanyada or a mixture of the two festivals. What is clear is that you like music, and you are not going to miss the best concerts of the season. 

We continue our list of the best concerts in Barcelona in 2024 with the arrival of Robe. On 5 October he will be performing at the Parc del Fòrum, where this iconic Spanish musician will take you on an emotional journey with his powerful lyrics and unique style.

On 10 October, for example, the German techno band Meute is coming to Barcelona. The band arranges techno, house and deep house works by renowned DJs, and complements them with electronic rhythms created by band instruments. 

On 11 October, The Blow Monkeys come to Razzmatazz to offer you a night full of rhythm and nostalgia with their pop classics.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Nick Cave’s talent live. The legendary Australian musician arrives in Barcelona on 24 October to offer you a concert that will remain engraved in your memory forever.

For fans of other styles of music, on 25 October we have a great gig at Sala Razzmatazz. We have a concert by “Brothers In Band”, a band in charge of performing the best tributes to the popular eighties band Dire Straits.

But that’s not all, on 25 October you can’t miss SUU at Heliogàbal, a concert that will offer you an intimate and captivating musical experience with her alternative sound and introspective lyrics.

Concerts in November in Barcelona

In the penultimate month of the year the cold has completely arrived in Barcelona, and you’re probably looking for the best plans to keep warm. Concerts in November 2024 may be the best option to maintain a stable body temperature while you give it your all on the dance floor to your favourite songs.

On 4 November, the great Jaco Collier comes to the Sant Jordi Club to offer you a unique musical experience with his multidimensional talent and his incredible ability to mix genres.

On 7 November, Benson Boone arrives at Razzmatazz’s Sala 1 to captivate you with his voice and modern pop style in a night full of energy and emotion.

Get ready for an unforgettable night with Bryan Adams at Palau Sant Jordi! The legendary Canadian musician is coming to Barcelona to offer you a concert full of his timeless hits and his incomparable charisma. Book the night of 12 November!

On 15 November, at the Sant Jordi Club, we have a concert by one of the most fashionable bands in Catalan music and one that is making waves all over the country. We are talking about The Tyets, who will get us dancing with their famous album Epic Solete. 

On 20 November we have Mafalda at Sala Apolo. Come and enjoy a unique musical experience and a night that will make you think and dance at the same time.

Also, on November 23rd, we will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most emblematic rock bands in Europe: Within Temptation, as part of their new Bleed Out 2024 Tour. Don’t miss this opportunity!

To end the month of concerts in Barcelona, the legendary Manolo Garcia comes to Palau Sant Jordi on 30 November. Enjoy a night full of emotions and memories with his iconic songs and his unmistakable voice.

Concerts in December in Barcelona

We come to the end of 2024 having enjoyed a year full of concerts, music and partying. To end the year, why not enjoy the last concert before the end of 2024? If this is your case, we invite you to the concert that will take place on 27 December at the Sant Jordi Club, where we will have the presence of the Spanish alternative rock band Arde Bogotá.

Kazy Lambist lands at Razzmatazz’s Sala 2 on 12 December. This talented French musician will surprise you with his fresh style and infectious rhythms in an evening that will make you dance non-stop.

Front 242 awaits you at Sala Apolo on 13 December to offer you a night full of electronic music and industrial energy, an experience that will take you to another level and make you feel the music in a way you would never have imagined.

To end the month of December, Xavi Sarriá arrives at Sala Razzmatazz on December 14th, to bring you a night full of Mediterranean music and catchy rhythms, a unique opportunity to enjoy good music in a festive atmosphere.

Now that you know the best concerts in Barcelona in 2024 sorted by month, we’re sure you’ve got an idea of which ones you don’t want to miss. If you’re interested in finding out more about all the events taking place in Barcelona in 2024, don’t hesitate to check out Lugaris’ website.


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